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Warm regards.

This message is a sincere invitation to you to be a part of an effort in creating a new history in the promotion of Samskritam, the oldest but ever vibrant language. The pursuit of communication in Samskritam among common people prompted by the members of the Samskrita Bharati, a movement that started nearly forty years ago, has now turned out to be a strong movement. This pursuit serves not only the revival of spoken Samskritam but also it aims to serve the development of our nation and its culture. The Samskrita Bharati that undertakes systematic operation in 3000 centres spread over 18 countries has already conquered the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Almost the entire media of India have marked the Samskrita Bharati as a veritable popular movement. It has active involvement in more than 40 taluks in Kerala. All this came about on account of the strong efforts of the dedicated and responsible activists of the movement. Besides, as we all know, the Dharma consciousness too makes people stand united. It is the dream of every enthusiast among us to set up the Samskrita Bhavan, that will cater to the requirements of coordinating the activities. By the grace of God, we have managed to procure the land needed for the building at Kodungallur, the capital city of the erstwhile Chera Empire. Hundreds of dedicated members have already taken the oath in their minds for the construction of the office at Kodungallur, the centre of historical and cultural relics. It is a place sanctified by the holy presence of Lord Siva and blessed by Goddess Durga. You are sincerely invited to make yourself a part of this historic effort by actively supporting the construction. Samskrita Bhavan will stand out as an everlasting monument of the dedicated sacrifices and services made by our volunteers. Let us consider it our duty to acquire the capital required for this ambitious project. Let us commit ourselves to the maximum of our potential. This action will encourage youngsters who are prospective volunteers of the noble cause of Samskritam. The building will remain as a resort for all volunteers of Samskrita Bharati without any prejudice. Let us be colleagues in protecting and propagating the ancient scholarship of India through Samskritam, the noblest language in the world.
Jayatu Samskritam ! Jayatu Bharatam !

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