Who we are (Viswa Samskritha Prathishtanam) ?

Our Vision: पाठयेम संस्कृतं जगति सर्वमानवान् ! प्रापयेम भारतं सपदि परमवैभवम् !!

Our Mission: Reviving the Sanskrit Language, Rejuvenating our glorious Culture, and rebuilding our Nation, Bharatam.

Viswa Samskritha Prathishtanam (established in 1979) is an organisation striving for the preservation, development and propagation of Samskritam as well as the tradition, culture and the knowledge system embedded in it.
Now Viswasamskrita Prathishtanam is the Kerala chapter of Samskrita Bharati ,which is a non profit organization, comprised of a large team of very dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who take the knowledge of Samskritam to all sections of society irrespective of race, gender, region, religion, caste, age, etc

The HeadQuarters of Viswasamskrita Prathishtanam in Kerala is located at Kodungallur in Thrissur District.

What we aim ?

Promote the study of Samskritam and make it accessible to all sections of society.

Co-ordinate the work with Samskritam institutions, for a more effective and rapid spread of Samskritam.

Enable activities for research into Samskritam tradition and its knowledge systems like Ayurveda, Yoga, Music, Dance and other Sastras for development of a harmonious society of cultured and civilized individuals.

Publish books, CD's and posters and to make use of all means of communication to propagate Samskritam and the traditional knowledge systems

Honour eminent Samskritam scholars.

What we have achieved ?

Over 10 lakh people trained to speak Samskritam through 1 lakh "Sambhashana Shibiram."

Over 30000 Samskritam teachers are trained to teach in the medium of Samskritam .

Over 200 Samskritam homes were given shape.

Samskritam homes have been established.

Founded a Higher Education Centre named Kerala Vyasa Samskrita Vidyapeetham to promote Samskritam studies and research works.

How can I participate in this Renaissance ?

Speak Samskrit

Attend 10-day Spoken Samskrita classes
Join “ Samskrita Through Correspondence”

Teach Samskrit

Attend our Teachers’ Training Camp.
Best of all, come and be a volunteer of Viswasamskrita Prathishtanam.

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