Samskrit Correspondence Course

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This Samskrit correspondence course is designed to help you learn Samskrit in the convenience of your own home at your own pace. It has four levels lasting 6 months each. The four levels are

Pravesha (प्रवेशः)
Parichaya (परिचयः)
Shiksha (शिक्षा)
Kovida (कोविदः)

On completion of the four levels, you will be ready to start studying and understanding advanced Samskrit literature such as kaavya, BhagavadgIta and other philosophical works on your own. You will also be able to speak and write articles in simple Samskrit.

Though not a prerequisite, we highly recommend that you participate in our popular 10 day Spoken Samskrit class taught by Samskrita Bharati prior to enrolling into the correspondence courses.
This Correspondence course is available for individuals above 16 years and there is no educational restriction. Study textbooks will be shipped to your address.
At the end of each level, there will be an examination held by Samskrita Bharati to help you assess your own knowledge. A certificate will be provided on successful completion of the course.
To facilitate correct pronunciation, Samskrita Bharati has published audio CDs (for English Medium) containing the Samskrit portion of the first two levels, Pravesha and Parichaya. The cost of a CD for each of the levels is Rs. 75/- (Rs. 125/- including postage).

Important Information

Medium of Instruction: English,Malayalam,
It is suggested to attend a 10-day Spoken Samskrit Shibiram but is not mandatory.
Minimum 14 years of age.

Course duration (per level) - 6 months
Fee (per level) - Rs. 300/- (includes course material and exam).
Examination Schedule - Twice a year (around June and December).


At the end of this course, you will be able to..

  1. Gain entry into the rich world of Samskrit and Devanagari lipi.
  2. Enrich your vocabulary significantly.
  3. Learn to express basic ideas in Samskrit for normal day-to-day conversation.
  4. Understand the basics of grammar for simple Samskrit conversations.
  5. Start understanding many words in Samskrit shlokas.


You will learn the following in this level...

  1. Tenses & Moods.
  2. Understand Sandhi – Vowels.
  3. Introduction to Samskrit Literature.
  4. Start of Shlokaanvaya (Prose order of Shlokas).


When you complete this level, you would have learned.

  1. Participle forms.
  2. Basic building blocks of Prose / Poetry.
  3. Usage of different case endings.
  4. Advanced Grammar.
  5. Sandhi – Consonants.
  6. Writing skills in Samskrit.


You learn the following in this level..

  1. Construct and split Samaasa (Compound Words).
  2. Introduction to Alankaara Shastras.
  3. Understand Chhandas ( Prosody).
  4. Get introduced to ancient and recent poets.
  5. Learn about Rishis, their life and works.

How to Register

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Once you register, for all further queries and exams, you should directly contact the Samskrita Bharati office for your medium of instruction, given in the table in Contact Us.

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