Gita Shikshana Kendram (Samskrit through Bhagavadgita)

Learn Samskrit, learn the Gita, practice Yoga, live Vedanta…. ….all this through a single, novel learning package that is neither taxing nor boring!
four-level course called Gita Shikshana Kendram (गीता-शिक्षण-केन्द्रम्‌) offers you an entirely new technique, method and approach to learning the Gita; each level lasting about 4 months. 4 sessions, each of 4 months’ duration; 3 / 4 classes a week; evening or on weekends. This one course will give you access to four key domains—Samskrit, the Gita, Yoga and Vedanta.

1. Gita Sopanam Part I.
2. Gita Sopanam Part II.
3. Gita Pravesha Part I.
4. Gita Pravesha Part II.

On completion of these four levels, you will not only be able to read and understand the Bhagavad-gita text all by yourself, but also become a Samskrit speaker and writer.

Sri Krishna offered the Gita to Arjuna through conversation.
You too will learn it through conversation!.
You too will learn the language of Sri Krishna!
Come! Join the Gita Shikshana Kendram today!!

Prerequisite -

To help you appreciate how to think in Samskrit natively, the course will be taught entirely in Samskrit , so you should have attended a spoken Samskrit class before.

Course Material-

1. गीतासोपानम् (प्रथमभागः)
2. गीतासोपानम् (द्वितीयभागः)
3. गीताप्रवेशः (प्रथमभागः)
4. गीताप्रवेशः(द्वितीयभागः/प्रथमखण्डः)
5. गीताप्रवेशः (द्वितीयभागः/द्वितीयखण्डः)

These prescribed textbooks for these courses are available in the Bookstore for online purchase.

Course duration (per level) : 4 months.
Fee (per level) : Rs. 500/- (includes course material and exam).
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